A few choice Downeast expressions
to get you in the swing of things.


(n., chimney)
"I was at a town meetin' yestaday when they voted
to build a new chimbley on the libary."

(to friends: a greeting; to outsiders: a warning)
"I heard him say he don't care much for locals, so I says
'Well, chummy, why don't you and I just step outside
and we can have a little talk about that.'"

From Away
(adj., non-native)
"When old man Titcomb passed on I was suprised to learn
he was from away. Born in New Hampshire, he was two weeks
old before he set foot in Maine."

(N., clumsy, awkward)
"Gorry, ain't that Hubert some gawmy in a skiff."

(Adj., inebriated)
"Ayuh, Chestah's Dad was really hot t'other night."

(V., non-native)
My Aunt Milly baked a strawberry pie yesterday, but it wun't half as
good as the one's they sell down t' Helen's Restaurant in Machias.

Definitions courtesy of Tim Sample's webpage: http://timsample.co
© copyright 2005 . Clark's Cove Farm & Inn