We don't think anything is prettier
than our orchards in the spring...

Unless, of course it's the ripe beauties
we pick in late September.

Our Apple Varieties
Astrachan (August), Macoun (August), Yellow Transplant (August), MacIntosh (Mid September), Cortland (Late September), Crabapple (Late September), Golden Delicious (Late September), IDA Red (Late September), Red Delicious (Late September), Baldwin (every other year, Mid October), Northern & Red Spy (Mid October), Rhode Island Greening (Mid October), Mutsu (Mid October), Winter Banana (Mid to Late October)

And don't forget...
Clapp Pears (Early September), Italian Plums (Mid September), Bartlett Pears (Late September), Raspberries (Sept & October), Bosc Pears (Early October)
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